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Cultural, Archaeological, Natural Tours in Sicily

Cultural, Archaeological, Natural Tours in Sicily - The Phoenicians Sicily Tours

The Phoenicians SICILY, offers IT, EN and JP Guided Tours to the Sicilian destinations recommended by our professional tour guides.

* Tour of Agrigento / Valley of the Temples;

* Tours to archaeological sites with private car and driver;

* Sicily 1943 Tour

* Gourmet Tours to choice restaurants and wineries;

* Sicilian Cooking lessons + a guided tour in the Valley of the temples, Agrigento;

* Sicily Jewish Tour;

* Ecological - Cultural Tours in the nature of Sicily.

Other tours available on request.


As guests of The Phoenicians tour guides, your proud hosts of what we believe will prove a truly unique experience, you will learn to see and appreciate Sicily from a pleasantly unexpected vantage point.

Thanks to the years of experience of the The Phoenicians tour guides  in the tourist sector, and especially to their far-reaching knowledge of the multi-faceted and multi-layered history and culture of Sicily, guests will gain deeper insight into the more underlying aspects of a millennial culture that synthesizes the major migratory patterns of the Mediterranean.  Century upon century the various peoples of the Mediterranean, from the early Phoenicians to the Greeks and the Arabs, left their mark upon the soil and ways of Sicily, and which are to be seen and appreciated today in the island’s various architectural styles and gastronomicaldelights.

Our tours not only take you to the wonderfully preserved remains of GreekRoman and Phoenician cities that lie along the Sicilian coastline, where delicately golden-hued temples stand amid lush orange, almond and olive trees, the Baroque cities clinging to steep hillsides, and the teeming modern metropolis of Palermo, but also include the tasting of wines and foods highlighting Sicily’s world class gastronomical traditions.

With us you will discover the very best Sicily has to offer, from pristine beaches to wildlife conservation areas, to ancient ruins that are an open history book on the wonders of this unique island lying off the south-western coast of Italy.

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about The Phoenicians


The Phoenicians Cultural Association

cultural association of tour guides and archaeology, history and nature lovers.


President - Alessandra Conti: tourist guide and Sicily expert

Vice president - Daniele Leone: marketing and public relation specialist, interpreter, Italy and America expert;

We offer guided tours, cultural and eco friendly excursions, package tours with private car and driver, Gourmet Tours to restaurants, wine cellars, ECO and Cultural Tours.


Tour highlights: Archaeology, History, Nature and local organically-grown food. Our Geotourism tours rely on professionals, small local enterprises and, where and when possible, feature locally grown and harvested organic food products. 

Languages: Our guided tours are in IT, EN, JP (other languages on request).


How to book: Choose a tour. We will contact the local companies and guides and we will arrange for you the best service and the best price and we will send the quotation.

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